i’m at the point where watching tv shows i haven’t seen before qualifies as being productive

ok so how do you continue a conversation after saying hello

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Im bored and it's Wednesday I hate wednesdays how has your week been so far?


what’s so bad about wednesdays? my week has been really good so far actually, how’s yours been?


can i kiss your stupid fucking face or nah

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Miley Cyrus won the biggest award up for grabs at the VMA’s last night, winning “Video Of The Year” and instead of just going up on stage and taking her trophy, she very kindly took a young homeless man with her to represent the homeless community. She took him as her date then sent him up to collect the award for her, and he had written and said a lovely speech about being homeless and the charity whilst miley looked on in tears. Don’t you ever tell me she doesn’t have a heart of gold, she is an amazing human being.